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Retail Aftermarket

Martin Wheel offers custom Plan-O-Grams to promote Retail Sales for our Outdoor Power Equipment, Marine and Hardware customers. We can customize your Plan-O-Gram with any Martin Wheel product to fit your specific need. For additional information on the Martin Wheel Plan-O-Grams, please contact our National Accounts Sales Department at 800-462-7846 x 222


General Purpose Contents:
6pc 6x150 Plastic Wheel
6pc 7x150 Plastic Wheel
6pc 8x175 Plastic Wheel
6pc 6x150 Steel Wheel
6pc 7x150 Steel Wheel
6 pc 8x175 Steel Wheel
4pc 10x275 Industrial Wheel
2pc 14x175 Spoke Wheel
3pc 400x6 Wheelbarrow Wheel
3pc 400x8 Wheelbarrow Wheel
4pc 410x4 Handtruck Wheel
4pc 400-8 Flat Free Wheelbarrow
8pc 410-4 Inner Tube
4pc 410-6 Inner Tube
4pc 400-6 Inner Tube
8pc 400-8 Inner Tube


Outdoor Power Tires & Tubes Contents:
2pc 15x600-6 Tire &Wheel
4pc 13x500-6 Inner Tube
8pc 15x600-6 Inner Tube
4pc 16x650-8 Inner Tube
6pc 18x850-8 Inner Tube
4pc 20x1000-8 Inner Tube
4pc 20x800-10 Inner Tube
2pc 13x500-6 Traction Tire
2pc 15x600-6 Traction Tire
2pc 16x650-8 Traction Tire
2pc 18x850-8 Traction Tire
2pc 20x800-8 Traction Tire
2pc 20x1000-8 Traction Tire


Trailer Tire Wheel & Hub Contents:
4pc 480-8 Inner Tube
3pc 570-8 Inner Tube
3pc 480-12 Inner Tube
3pc 4530-12 Inner Tube
2pc 480x8 4 Hole Tire & Wheel
2pc 480x8 5 Hole Tire & Wheel
2pc 480x12 4 Hole Spoke Tire & Wheel
2pc 480x12 5 Hole White SpokeTire & Wheel
2pc 175/80D13 5 Hole White Spoke Tire & Wheel
2pc 205/75D15 5 Hole White Spoke Tire & Wheel
2pc Pressed Stud Hub 4 Hole 1" Bearing
2pc Pressed Stud Hub 5 Hole 1" Bearing
2pc Pressed Stud Hub 5hole 1-3/8 to 1/16" Bearing